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Hi first post...

Post by DevineMe » Sun Mar 27, 2011 4:48 pm

Just thought I through this out there.. Not too long ago, I managed to get the Teleguard BBS up and running on a low energy Synology DS-508 NAS. I used
a FreeDOS image and few DOS TCP/IP stack files from various authors. Emulation was provided by the NSLU QEMU package via ipkg. The biggest downer
was after four days of test configuring on Unbutu and XP then passing the image over to the Syno box, the networking code within QEMU was seemingly broke.
The BBS would come up, but the packets destined for the Emulator (thusly running bbs) would get stuck in the network que. I was unable to resolve it, so that is
were I left it.

The idea was to get a BBS up and running in a super low energy, high storage capacity device, then make available sections of storage for BBS usage via a door.
The DS-508 is a 800Mhz (Freescale PPC) machine with a (current) max of 15TB capacity that measures less then a foot cubed. It would probably hold most every shareware
cd ever produced with tons of room to spare, of course you lose 1 or 2 disks with raid 5 or 6 respectively. Its uses 68watts running full out which is a tad more then a old
style light bulb. Linux was shown to be a great OS for running the BBS in a article, which I followed, that automatically creates a new internal IP then reroutes the incoming telnet call
to a new node on the BBS using a "dial in" sh script.

Thought I through that out there just in case some linux guru/ bbs nostalgic comes along and has the capacity to fix the Syno (NSLU) Qemu package networking parts and
make it a possibility to have a BBS always up running off somewhere in shared memory space on peoples NASs. By the way, in benchmarking the cpu useage,
the running Qemu process used 1-2% of the cpu after the DosIdle.exe util was installed. Not too bad. I imagine the Qemu ipkg was not that easy to compile and is
currently beyond me so I'm not that disappointed given the fact the BBS was actually running.

For more information, see my article, "QEMU on DS-508 (Getting it to work)" on the Synology forums.

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Re: Hi first post...

Post by DeadMeat » Mon Mar 28, 2011 7:37 am

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