installing SL in Dosbox

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Re: installing SL in Dosbox

Post by DevineMe » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:44 am

Ok, heres something new? DOSBox v0.74 supports drive images. See this.

The -t argument specifies floppy, cd-rom OR HDD.

The -fs argument specifies system formats: iso, FAT, or none (auto mount attempt)

The BOOT reference specifies that "This will allow you to play booter floppies or boot other operating systems inside DOSBox"
such as..
BOOT [diskimg1.img diskimg2.img .. diskimgN.img] [-l driveletter]

I'm going to give it a go and let ya know what happens. Me, I'm still stuck on ultra low power devices and my current plug has
has a 700mhz duel core arm using 5 watts which will run Arch or Debian Linux. I use Arch so my only option currently on this
device is DOSBox (which I have installed and running). Besides, a image with a Freedos install would make the image portable
and distributable.

Found some more good information here!


Step1 ) Freedos running under Dosbox v0.74 success!! (Finally).

Next Step ) Get some images made, seems to be PAIN because there's only one tool DosBox supposedly does
not complain about called bximage.exe (a bochs util).

Found some individually compiled DOSBox derivatives with a telnet adaption Here
Share.exe is supported in one of his compiles.

Keep you updated.

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Re: installing SL in Dosbox

Post by DeadMeat » Sat Oct 12, 2013 4:39 pm

cheaproomd wrote:Well, I found a really easy to setup dosbox. It's called d-fend. It's a front end for dosbox with dosbox inside of it.
It looks good but I am looking for something like that for the Linux Flavor these day. Any help on that would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to find an rpm to handle that.


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