Adding nodes using wslbbs

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Adding nodes using wslbbs

Post by ptaylor2016 » Sun Jul 02, 2017 1:38 pm

How do you add more nodes using wslbbs? When its asking for me to type in the path which path name should I use? The second questions is how can I change the telnet port that is used to accept ports?

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Re: Adding nodes using wslbbs

Post by Coz » Mon Jul 10, 2017 4:12 pm

I don't think there's a way to change your telnet port, although you could use your firewall to map a different external port to port 23. A better bet is to use NETFOSS and NET2BBS or GAMESRV as your telnet front-end to SLBBS. Much better comm routine support than SL's built in telnet capabilities provide. Those telnet front ends also let you change the port they answer on too.

You'd asked about adding nodes in SLBBS. What I always did was create a C:\SLBBS directory and a C:\SLBBS\NODE2, C:\SLBBS\NODE3, etc. Each of those directories requires a CONFIG.SL2 file in them. You want to go to those directories and run C:\SLBBS\CONFIG.EXE from each one and modify the node number setting for each CONFIG.SL2 file. You could actually have a completely different BBS config for each node, though I don't recommend that.

If you're using wslbbs.exe to configure your settings, then the path it's asking for is likely the C:\SLBBS\NODE2, etc - or wherever you want it to create the CONFIG.SL2 for that node. Then you can configure each node independently from wslbbs.exe. I really recommend using NETFOSS and a telnet-front end though. Otherwise disconnects and such are likely to cause your nodes to hang and be unresponsive to additional "callers" till you reset them.

Hope this helps.


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